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Overwatch will have custom games and will run entirely on Blizzard's dedicated servers


It seems you won't be playing Overwatch at a LAN party. While Blizzard are working on doing their best to minimise any ping issues, looking at regions and IPs, Overwatch will run exclusively on Blizzard servers. 

This new information comes from Kotaku.au's recent interview with Jeff Kaplan and Geoff Goodman, who both have the same first name, but not. They also confirmed that there would be custom games in some form, although the details are a bit sketchy. 

“We’ll allow you to set up some of those things that traditional dedicated servers allow you to do," they said. "Basically give you a safe place to go play a match to play with your friends and not go into the big matchmaking pool, we’ll have a setup that will allow for that as well.”

In the same interview, the pair also confirmed that there will be a spectator mode where you can jump into a friend's game - if there's a spare spectator slot - and float around the map watching the action unfold. Should have called it Overwatch Mode. 

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Shriven avatarAnAuldWolf avatarBen Barrett avatarFlappers avatar
Shriven Avatar
2 Years ago

Wonder if it will be region locked. I really hope technology has progressed enough for Blizz not to lock things anymore.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

Mm. It's odd, isn't it? With this and Starcraft's gated mod system, it almost feels like a console port. This isn't a slight against console ports, mind you. It's just that I understand that if you're developing for multiple platforms, it costs so much more to treat one of them as a special snowflake. I grok that. In fact, I feel irritable when some noteworthy PC talking heads kick up a fuss about their entitlement (I've seen no one here do that, mind you).

What makes this so P-Q-liar though is that this is a PC exclusive. But a PC exclusive designed with philosophies of a console port. I can't understand that. They did the same thing with Starcraft II and their gated mod garden, which I'm not a fan of.

I'm a supporter of the PC as an open platform. I understand when developers can't embrace that and I offer a polite nod and play their game anyway. But when a developer does choose to go the extra mile (Bethesda et al), or when we have a PC exclusive? I'm always happy to see the benefits of an open platform.

When a PC exclusive doesn't take advantage of the benefits of an open platform, though? I'm left scratching my head. It's their choice! Absolutely. I wouldn't begrudge them it. I just find it a strange and potentially detrimental choice. I feel that dedicated servers and mods can add decades to a game's life. See: TF2.

Just an opinion. I'm not saying anything negative about the game, I just find it an odd choice. Oh well! Their choice to make.

Ben Barrett Avatar
2 Years ago

After the success of D3: Ultimate Evil, I'd be very surprised if any Blizzard games now get more than a few weeks into design without the idea of going to console being brought up. Nothing in Overwatch suggests to me that it will remain PC exclusive for long - I don't begrudge it, just a truth of the world.

They're also REAL protective of their server tech and the like. None of their games have had outside dedicated servers before, even when WoW was breaking under the strain of 7 figure player counts. With the number of data centers they have - and have access to, via Activision - there aren't a lot of other companies that could actually get away with it.

Unfortunately all the techdolla in the world doesn't replace the sense of community from dedicated servers, or the access to mods, as you mention. TBH Blizzard have never really been a bastion of mods outside of their strict rules and boundaries - SC and WC3 are the birthplaces of Dota, but only in that the map tool was really good, not in that they allowed easy modding. I've literally never played what might be considered an actual mod for either.

Particularly in a game like OW, I'll miss the community that came with TF2. I mean, I don't know any of the people i played that with any more, and the site I played on the community server for has been dead six years now, but you get the point. I can grab a group of friends and jump on Blizzard Server 49 but it's not the same.

Hampshire Heavies for life, is basically what I'm saying here.

Flappers Avatar
2 Years ago

I highly doubt this will end up staying as a PC exclusive.

They bought D3 to consoles, they'll do the same here.

Remember, it wasn't that long ago they wanted to lock the FOV to 65... until the internet kicked up a massive fuss and eventually they said they would allow FOV changing.