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Stand behind Overwatch’s hammer-wielding bulwark: Reinhardt

Overwatch Reinhardt

We’ve been seeing a lot of Overwatch characters lately, and Blizzard are showing no signs of abating any time soon. Meet Reinhardt – a neon-glowing iron-clad knight, who can also easily handle a big oversized hammer.

As always, we’ve got a video of a match from his perspective below, and if you’re at all interesting in Blizzard’s new IP, you should probably give it a watch.

As well as his hammer-skills, Reinhardt can erect an impenetrable shield to protect his allies. He can charge into the fray to get between his allies and his enemies too with the power of his rockets. His ultimate creates a huge shockwave attack that ripples out and knocks enemies over.

Is Reinhardt your favourite so far?