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Watch the Reaper sow death in this Overwatch gameplay preview video

Overwatch Reaper

Death comes for everyone, and the Reaper in Blizzard’s brand new IP, Overwatch, does a good job at reminding you of that. He’s a dual pistol shotgun-wielding, shadow melding, force of destruction, and we’ve got a video in glorious 60FPS demonstrating his skills on the field.

He’s shotguns sure are strong, probably compensated with that lengthy reload time and slow firing speed. It’s nice to see he has some defensive and mobility skills to help out with his squishy health pool. One appears to dissolve him into a smoky mess, allowing him to ignore damage for a short time. The second, after a channeling duration, teleports him to where he’s aiming at – great for getting above your targets.

His ultimate really shines in this particular Point Capture map. Since the enemies will naturally be grouped on the objective, Reaper can roll in and perform his shotgun spin of death, dealing huge amounts of damage to anyone in the vicinity.

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