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Owlboy release date set for November 1 as nine year development comes to a close

Owlboy release date

Unsurprisingly a game about a boy dressed like an owl, Owlboy is nearing release. It’s an indie game that’s been in the works for nearly a decade, part of that first wave of awesome-looking titles that developed oh-so-slowly since 2007. Now it’s nearly ready for you to go flying, picking up friends to defend yourself and exploring a ‘high-bit’ low-fi world.

Could it fly to the peak and make our best indie games list.

As you can see in the trailer above it’s exceptionally pretty, hence managing to maintain a small but dedicated fanbase over the course of ten years without so much as a marketing budget. Creators D-Pad Studio announced the release date as part of their attendance at PAX on Twitter this week.

If you’re interested it’s up on GOG, Steam and Humble. As detailed on those pages, you play as the mute Otus struggling with, y’know, being an owlboy and the added complication of sky pirates.