Power a space colony with farts in Oxygen Not Included, out now

Oxygen Not Included

After toiling away in the tunnels of closed alpha for the past few months, Klei have finally brought Oxygen Not Included to Steam Early Access. Part space colony simulator and part survival game, it sees players trying to run a successful settlement within the depths of an asteroid.

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As well as the day-to-day jobs of mining out and building inside an asteroid, Oxygen Not Included has players managing the stresses and strains of living in a hollowed out rock in the cold depths of space. You’ll have to keep your colonists entertained with fun leisure activities, keep them sane with comfortable accommodation and keep them fed with tasty food. Each colonist reacts differently to stress, so make sure to keep them happy at all costs. They may end up smashing up your oxygen supply if not.

Besides precious oxygen, players will have to manage their heat, water and energy levels as they continue expanding their rocky home. Everything can be recycled in Oxygen Not Included, including toxic air and even the waste of domesticated animals. You could even power your colony with your colonists’ farts, if you really wanted to survive using completely green energy.

On coming to Steam Early Access, Klei have also added their new agricultural update to Oxygen Not Included, which expands a colony’s ability to grow their own food. Along with new plants and recipes, you can now build special pipe systems to water your crops. You can now get a better sense of what your colonists want for dinner with the new consumables screen. For all of the details on these new additions, check out Klei’s official forums.

If you already own a Klei game like Don’t Starve or Invisible Inc on Steam, you’ll receive a 20% discount for Oxygen Not Included. Otherwise, it is available for $24.99/£18.99. A price hike is planned before its full release, which is scheduled for sometime in 2018.