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OZombie is American McGee’s take on The Wizard of Oz


With the license to Alice wrapped in all manner of legalistic knots American McGee and his studio, Spicy Horse, aren’t able to continue the series. What they can do is start another; though this time they’re leaving behind the works of Lewis Carroll for those of L. Frank Baum, writer of the 14 Oz novels.

Applying his trademark twist, McGee’s turned the world into a dark landscape under the domination of the brain-hungry Scarecrow and his zombie horde.

McGee’s taken to Kickstarter to fund the project, seeking $950,000 to compete it:

The core of the game is a singleplayer story, much like the Alice games. This will be available for a one time fee (as should always be the case but, going the way games are, it needs to be explicit). The multiplayer is where micropayments come in. Cosmetic items are confirmed to be sold in an in-game store but it’s not explicit in the pitch video or on the Kickstarter page whether entrance to PcP tournaments and raids is a paid-for thing, also.

One way the Kickstarter differs from others is that the stretch goals aren’t unlocked by the money raised but the number of contributors pledging. For instance, at 6,000 backers McGee will open “the box”. The contents are a mystery but it seems likely that it’s further details about the game.

You can learn more about the project and back it over yonder.