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What is the Olympic Exclusion Zone in Pacific Drive?

Here's what to expect from Pacific Drive's Olympic Exclusion Zone, a fictional supernatural area mysteriously sealed off by the government.

Pacific Drive Olympic Exclusion Zone: a car stands in a rainy environment with its red rear lights glowing

What is the Olympic Exclusion Zone in Pacific Drive? If you’re excited to jump into this driving-survival game, you might want to know what you’re actually surviving. The Olympic Exclusion Zone isn’t your average enemy, it’s an entire area filled with the horrors of government experiments, so here’s what to expect.

The Olympic Exclusion Zone is the main area in Pacific Drive you need to survive and escape from, set in a reimagining of the Pacific Northwest. As you search for a way out, you’ll run into all sorts of peculiar happenings and supernatural entities due to intense radiation and a dangerous hangover from government experiments. Now the Pacific Drive release date isn’t far off, here’s what you’ll find in the Olympic Exclusion Zone.

What is in the Olympic Exclusion Zone?

You’re probably wondering why you’ve found yourself inside a place like this? Well, after some rumors draw your curiosity to the perimeter of the zone, you accidentally get stuck inside. After stumbling across a beat-up old wagon and a handy auto repair shop, it’s now just you, your car, and the open road (full of deadly run-ins).

You can explore the zone, but you need to keep the car in good condition by collecting resources from different biomes and doing it up at the shop. Protect it and it’ll protect you. Exploration and collecting resources is the only way to progress the game, but you’ll need to plan your route wisely, taking into account the changeable weather conditions.

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Though what exactly lurks in the deep woods and forgotten areas of the Olympic Exclusion Zone remains to be seen, we do know there will be puzzles, legends, hostile environments, changing weather, plenty of radiation, and fierce storms.

Olympic Exclusion Zone history

In 1955, the United States government took control of a region of the Pacific Northwest, promising to use it as an experimental zone for groundbreaking new technology. These creations, however, began to emit huge levels of radiation and affect the surrounding areas. The decision was made to wall off the area, and the Olympic Exclusion Zone was established.

Nobody was allowed inside the walls, but no reason was ever disclosed. This led to rumors and stories running out of control, which in turn attracted intrigued explorers and self-proclaimed detectives to investigate, yourself included. As for what happens next … you’ll have to play Pacific Drive to find out.

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