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The Paladins Premier League is going to be broadcast exclusively through Facebook

paladins premier league facebook exclusive

Announced last week, the Paladins Premier League, which pits ten World Esports Association organisations against one another this autumn, will only be watchable through Facebook Live.

If you’re looking to get in a few games before the league, here’s our Paladins champions guide.

While Twitch has carved out its ownership of esports streaming, it makes sense that Hi-Rez have partnered with Facebook: its where Paladin’s players are.

“We try to meet our community wherever they are,” Hi-Rez co-founder Todd Harris told us at Gamescom. “We have our own forum, we have a Reddit, we look at other communities but, almost by accident while searching, I saw that there was a Paladins community group on Facebook that was actually twice as big as our Reddit community – and that was with no developer interaction. We try to be good about interacting and this had just happened.”

After discovering the Facebook presence, Hi-Rez started talking to Facebook about how they could serve their players better. Broadcasting through the platform is one of the ways they are working together.

The Paladins Premier League is also trying to set itself apart by paying the players in the league a salary, on top of rewarding teams with a revenue share of the league’s profits.

Hi-Rez haven’t yet announced the dates for the league’s kick off or how long it will run for, but you can be sure that Facebook will let you know when the details are live.