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PAMELA’s first major update adds crafting and new video tutorials

PAMELA update

In a giant update to NVYVE Studios’ sci-fi horror PAMELA, players can now harvest resources and create new items to help them survive in the ruined paradise of Eden. Along with this brand new crafting/harvesting system, PAMELA now has a series of in-game video tutorials which introduce players to all of its major mechanics.

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The biggest addition with this update is the Harvest ability for your IVG, which allows players to break down items into their base materials. Almost any object in Eden can be broken down with the IVG, leaving behind precious resources like plastic and carbon. Items in player inventories can be salvaged as well, turning them into the elemental components needed to create new stuff. Rare items yield more materials, so breaking down that shiny bauble you found on a corpse may be more useful than hoarding it for later.

So far, only base building items can be crafted, but more are set to be added now that the core system is in place. Players will eventually be able to construct defensive turrets and even hydroponic equipment to help them survive. Items can also be repaired and upgraded using the new crafting system, meaning survivors can now fabricate high-powered weapons and armour.

If you’re struggling to wrap your head around all of these features then fear not as NVYVE have added a new set of tutorials to explain all of PAMELA’s systems. This should ease beginners into the terrifying world of Eden and stop them becoming easy fodder for the city’s infected populace. It’s not all doom and gloom though, as this update does add some friendly robot NPCs that greet the player as they walk past. Before you ask, yes you can destroy them for parts – if you’re that heartless. For the whole changelog check out PAMELA’s Steam page.

PAMELA is on offer as part of Steam’s Summer sale, going for 30% off at $17.49/£13.29.