Panzer General Online is WW2 collectible cards in your browser


If last year was the year of the MOBA, this year is the year of the CCG. It seems like not a week goes by without news of an upcoming Collectible Card Game, and today’s turn is Ubisoft’s. Panzer General Online is part CCG, part turn-based-strategy, all free-to-play, and all played in your browser. 

Developed by Blue Byte (the studio behind The Settlers Online), Panzer General will be a combined-arms tactical game with air and ground forces, from infantry to tanks to bomber planes. The game will comprise of a single-player campaign and a multi-player mode. Taking cues from the MOBAs, the single-player mode pits you against bots and is mostly there to be a tutorial of the game’s feature set before plunging you into the online mode against a sea of real players.

The collectible card element comes in the form of gathering models of military units, then trading them in order to build up your own personalised army. This tabletop wargaming approach also dictates the games aesthetic, which from the trailer looks a little Toy Soldiers-like.

Panzer General Online will start its closed beta later this year. If WW2 battles in your browser sounds like something you’d like to get on board with, you can pre-register your interest at the Panzer General website to help ensure yourself access to the game as soon as possible.