Paradox now selling digital copies through new online store, offers launch deals


Paradox Inteactive, most famous for their truly enormous games of grand strategy, has tweaked its website to make most of its catalogue of current and up-coming games available to buy online. That said, it’s “store” is currently no more complex than a Buy tab attached to each game’s entry, some of which will just redirect you to Steam or GamersGate.

Still, there’s no cause to complain. While there aren’t any pre-order offers for such major titles as Europa Universalis IV or The Showdown Effect, there’s several discounts available for some of their best titles. For example, medieval marry-’em-up Crusader Kings 2 is on sale for $18.50 (about £13.50) and unlocks on Steam.

Although the site told me that “products will be charged in GBP outside of US for the time being,” I’m currently seeing everything in dollars. War of the Roses, for example, is $13.50 (about £8.50) and Warlock: Master of the Arcane is $9 (about £5.60).