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Paragon's new support hero, The Fey, brings the full wrath of nature


The latest Paragon hero is a nature-controlling fairy called The Fey. She can wield mother nature against her enemies as she flies around the battlefield with her translucent wings.

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The Fey is a Support Caster who's best used for crowd control, manipulating enemies and setting the ground rules in her lane. 

For example, her Bramble Patch ability creates a line of thorny brambles, slowing any enemies who pass over it. Using it as a barrier, she can set the pace of advancing enemies while her teammates rejoin for a counter-attack. 

While they're all bunched up and slowed, she can also use Untamed Growth to throw out an explosive plant that does AOE damage over time. Successful hits will replenish her mana, too, thanks to her Harvest Nettles ability. 

Lastly, her Ultimate, Fly Trap, summons a gargantuan plant that drags you in and applies serious damage.  

See The Fey in action below:

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AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

I couldn't be interested in Paragon even if it had a co-op campaign. The hero designs thus far have been nothing short of uninspired. There's a sort of phoned in quality to them. Not that they're not polished, but that they have no identity. There's nothing at all that says 'This is Paragon!' about any of them in the way that the characters of Battleborn and Gigantic do for their respective games.