Paragon’s Halloween-themed skins are live for a limited time – here’s how to get them

Paragon Shadow's Eve

Epic’s good-looking MOBA, Paragon, is celebrating this Halloween with some limited skins, and they’ve just released details on how to get hold of them. 

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To be in with a chance of winning these limited ‘Shadow’s Eve’ skins, you have to link Twitch to your Epic account and watch or record some streams. Anyone who links their account and streams or watches the game on Twitch betweenOctober 11-24 is in with a chance of winning up to six skins.

You’ll getDock-o-Lantern Murdock just for linking your account before November 6 anyway, so it’s worth a crack.

All six of the main Shadow’s Eve skins (Sweet Dreams Khaimera, Feline Queen Sparrow, Mephisto Gideon, Skull-Bot Twinblast, Spider Witch Belica, Franken-Grux) will also be on for sale for a limited time only (October 25 to November 6), with a discounted bundle of all six also available.

So if you miss them during the first wave, you can always pay for them, at least.

These skins will launch along with dynamic bundle pricing, so if you win any of the skins during the event, the six-skin bundle will be discounted to reflect those you already own.

“The OfficialParagonBot will notify winners by messaging them in the channel they are watching or within their own channel if they are streaming,” says the official post. “Winners will also receive an in-game notification at the Home Screen, after logging in, if you’ve won a skin reward during the two week period.”

Here are the skins that are up for grabs on Twitch each week:

Week 1 Skin Drops (Oct. 11 – 17)

  • Sweet Dreams Khaimera
  • Feline Queen Sparrow
  • Mephisto Gideon

Week 2 Skin Drops (Oct. 18 – Oct. 24)

  • Skull-Bot Twinblast
  • Spider Witch Belica
  • Franken-Grux