Paramount Pictures file for World War Z game trademarks


The cold decaying cadavers of zombies are hotting up. Not heating up, there a distinction to made there, but The Walked Dead’s recent shuffle into gamespace signals the thin edge of re-emerging undead wedge. Perhaps in anticipation of the swing-o-meter of gamer interest whizzing back to corpses, Paramount Pictures have filed for two World War Z videogame trademarks. The popular zombie tome is due an upcoming film adaptation in 2013.

As spied by MCV, the two trademarks concern ‘online electronic games‘ and ‘downloadable electronic game programs, electronic game software for handheld electronic device; video game cartridges and discs’. Don’t bother clicking through, it’s all illegible trademark speak – Paramount are essentially justcovering off potentialFacebook games as well as full titles.

The book is excellent, by the way. A series of personal, anecdotalaccounts of surviving a zombie apocalypse.We can’t think of a better way to defile it than with a Facebook game about biting people for coins.

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