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Path of Exile enters “second phase” of beta with massive 0.11.0 patch, new leagues start tomorrow


Action RPG Path of Exile has been buffed with a massive new patch that adds, among many other things, two new leagues. The four-month-long leagues will start tomorrow, and will offer a notable difficulty increase as well as new items and objectives. 

Announced on the Path of Exile website, developer Grinding Gear Games say that they’ve developed the patch “to herald the second phase of the open beta”. The new Anarchy league introduces AI-controlled Exile enemies tainted by corruption, who can fight players using the items and skills normally reserved for other human opponents. Killing a tainted Exile results in a jackpot loot drop, including items for each equippable slot ranked magic or above.

The second new league, known as Onslaught, has been designed to offer a much more intense challenge, pitting players against enemies with increased attack, cast, and movement speeds.

The two new leagues will introduce unique items that you can only find in either Onslaught or Anarchy in the form of six new rings and amulets.

Alongside Anarchy and Onslaught, patch 0.11.0 introduces Challenges, which is being explained as a step towards bringing Achievements to Path of Exile. Eight challenges have been made available, with the new leagues possessing one each, and the remaining six achievable in any mode. Challenges will be tracked and displayed next to players’ names in forums and chat for extra bragging rights.

The patch also brings in the usual balancing tweaks and bug fixes, of which you can read all the details on in the Path of Exile 0.11.0 patch notes.

Patch 0.11.0 is active now, with the Anarchy and Onslaught leagues kicking off tomorrow, 7th June, at 6pm PDT.