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Path of Exile patch adds new race event and a slew of balance fixes


It’s been three weeks since Path of Exile propelled itself out of open beta and into a full release, and today marks its first of many content updates. Descent: Champions is a new game mode designed to test players survival skills to the limit. Exiles will start out with a choice of gear and skills before plundering an endless dungeon. Naturally only the best will make it to the deepest parts and survive. Also in are some key balance changes to skills, specifically in the aura department.

First up, here’s a preview video:

Descent: Champions look to be the most meaty part of this update. Path of Exile primarily played in it’s ‘hardcore’ setting, with popular streamers in a constant battle to see who’s number one. If any of the top players die, a horrifying hunger-games-style announcement is made to the entire league. This new event fits into this perfectly. Progress won’t be only recorded by level, but will also track who explores the deepest and survives.

Other additions include several new vendor recipes. Most of these are secret, left to the community to discover on their own. However Grinding Gear Games has revealed one of them to be a book that resets your chosen bandit allegiance for those that later regret their decision.

The aura ‘Purity’, which granted an all elemental resistance bonus, has also received a revamp. Previously deemed a bit too powerful, it’s had its effects toned down a bit to bring it in line with other auras. Also its change has brought forth three new auras, each tuned to a different elemental resistance: fire, ice and lightning. These are slightly more potent than ‘Purity’ itself when it comes down to the raw elemental resistance for that specific element.

Lastly, any rewards gained from the up and coming Race Season Five – a competitive league that pits players in a race will be limited to a two week lockout from new race seasons to keep things fair.

Check out the full patch notes here.