Path of Exile Content Update 1.3.0 hits, brings new challenge leagues and PvP revamp

path of exile content update 1.3.0

Path of Exile is getting a massive new content update this December. The beefy 1.3.0 update adds new Torment and Bloodlines Challenge Leagues, a massive change to the PvP structure, and new types of PvP tournaments. 

The latest challenges come in the form of Torment and Bloodlines. Both require a fresh restart, and are self-contained with their own economies. Across eight difficulties player can complete challenges to gain Totem Poles to display in their hideouts. Torment offers the standard experience, and will see players go toe-to-toe with the spirits of tormented criminals. Bloodlines is the hardcore league, and will see packs of related monsters share powers that can brutally overwhelm you.

The first 50 players to complete all the challenges in the Torment or Bloodlines Leagues will be sent a T-Shirt as a prize, so get ready to adventure hard!

Elsewhere, PvP is undergoing major work. Player vs Player has had a massive rebalance to help it sit better with formal competitive events, which are due to become a regular thing for Path of Exile. There will be several different types of PvP, from free-for-alls to high-speed one-on-one duels. These games will make up tournaments, and will start with PvP Season One. Weekdays and Weekends will be filled with varied events looking to discover the best Path of Exile players. The best adventurers will be invited to a special end-of-season final event.

As well as all this league and tournament talk, PvE players still get plenty of love with hundreds of other fixes and improvements. Passive Skill Trees have been updated to help improve player progression, and a bunch of new items have been added.

Content Patch 1.3.0 released at 5pm Pacific Time on December 12th. For more information on the update, dive into the words over at Path of Exile’s website.