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Path of Exile: Delve is out tomorrow - here are the release times

If you just can't wait, here's exactly when you can play Path of Exile: Delve

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Path of Exile: Delve is the next big update for the free-to-play action-RPG, most notably bringing us an infinite dungeon set in the depths of the Azurite Mine. The update launches tomorrow, but if you’re wondering exactly when, there’s good news – Grinding Gear Games has provided a precise release time.

Delve launches at 13:00 PDT / 16:00 EDT / 21:00 BST on August 31. So yes, you’ll likely be waiting until well into the afternoon or evening to play, depending on what time zone you call home.

The Azurite Mine is the star of the expansion, a dungeon with infinite depths that filled with an evil darkness. To push through the darkness, you need to follow the light of a helpful machine called the Crawler. Azurite you dig up along the way can be used to upgrade the Crawler or buy flares and crafting materials to use as you venture ever further from the safety of the light in your quest for treasure.

Digging deeper means more treasure and more rewards, spread across a variety of biomes including the lost civilizations of ancient history. It never ends, and only gets harder as you go, with areas eventually surpassing the end-game maps in challenge. The deepest dives will be tracked via a leaderboard called the Depth Ladder.

Get a taste of what to expect in the trailer below.

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The Path of Exile: Delve release date is now less than 24 hours away, and you can follow that link for much more detail on everything that’s coming with the new update.