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Path of Exile is getting item filters, and that’s a very good thing indeed

Path of Exile Item Filters

A first world problem with many loot-filled ARPGs is that sometimes, you just cannot be bothered to sort through the glittering explosion of armour, weapons and trinkets that often clutter the screen. You just want to know what’s good, and what isn’t – or better yet have something specific you’re looking for stand out from the rest.

Path of Exile devs Grinding Gear Games understands this very plight, and have a solution in the works: item filters.

It sounds really simple stuff to have a filter for loot, but that just isn’t the case according to the devs. “For a long time, Path of Exile players have requested some way to filter items.” GGG stated. “We were always resistant to this because the parameters of such an item filter would have to be so complicated that we couldn’t reasonably make a user interface to support them.

“As you can see, the array of UI options that we would have to provide to allow the specific filtering requirements of every player would be completely impractical. This is why we are adding a new feature called Item Filter Scripts in the upcoming expansion. Not only do item filter scripts allow you to filter items, but they allow you to customise the display of items as well.”

The idea is to let players tailor exactly what they want to see. The header image shows it off quite nicely, where a very valuable six-linked item has dropped, resulting in a bright green highlight being slapped on it to make it nearly unmissable. Considering items are the main use of barter inside Path of Exile, this new update is a pretty big deal indeed.