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Virtual reality Counter-Strike is real thanks to Pavlov VR mods

Pavlov VR

If you’ve ever wanted an even more immersive Counter-Strike experience, look no further than Pavlov VR, an Early Access first-person shooter. Thanks to modders, you can now play the game on five Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps.

They might not help you in Pavlov, but here are some of our most helpful CSGO tips.

Pavlov VR is an Early Access virtual reality first-person shooter. It’s already quite a lot like Counter-Strike, but now, with five maps from Valve’s famous sooter modded in, Pavlov VR is CS:GO VR in all but name. So far, the five maps that have been remade in the game are Dust, Nuke, Aztec, Train, and Office.

Word of warning: don’t go into this VR game expecting it to have the same intensity or graphic fidelity as Counter-Strike (or, for that matter, skill ceiling). And, obviously, the Pavlov VR community is substantially smaller than CS:GO’s – not least because the additional cost attached to owning a VR headset.

But, despite the game’s limitations, Pavlov VR and its mods do actually seem to offer a reasonably faithful recreation of CS:GO. It looks as though it’s well worth checking out as long as you have the hardware to run it.