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Pay what you want for Larian RPGs on GOG


Not familiar with the works of Larian? GOG describe them as “well-liked”, a disturbingly eulogistic sort of thing to say about anyone. Larian are, ah, well-liked because together with Gothic/Risen studio Piranha Bites they make up the last bastion of moneyed European RPG development. For a tiny amount of dollars today, you can get their first game – acclaimed isometric throwback Divine Divinity.

Beat the average – which just leapt incredibly from $9.54 to $12.66 during the course of typing this sentence – and you’ll get semi-sequel Beyond Divinity, plus four soundtracks, two short stories, and the 130+ page story of how the series was made.

If you’re one of the 10% highest-paying backers, meanwhile, you’ll get the new Divinity II: Developer’s Cut, which promises to be really rather excellent.

The real cost of Divine Divinity, mind, is the many, many hours you’ll spend grinding through its opening dungeon and the several that follow at regular intervals throughout the game. But if you’re willing to humour it when it wants to play Diablo, you’ll find a serviceable Baldur’s Gate-alike on the other side.

Did you play Divine Divinity? If so, are you amongst the thousands who liked it more than me?