Payday 2 patch fiddles with drops. You now get less cash but more useful weapon mods

Payday 2

Overkill give with one hand and take away with the other. The latest patch for their co-op bank heist shooter changes weapon drops so that you’ll more frequently find weapon modifications for guns you already own. This means you can get kitted out faster.

The patch also reduces the amount of cash you can win at the end of the game based on your reputation level.

“It’s roughly 32mb big,” writes Overkill producer Almir Listo. “We continue to monitor how you play and discuss the feedback from the community. We’ve improved the Ghost tree [and] reworked the chance to gain cash drop cards in Payday among other updates.”

The bulk of the changes (which are copied in below) are little tweaks and balances but the three larger changes are the weapon mod drops, cash card reductions, and making some masks more rare.

The weapon mods news is great because Payday has always been bad at giving you the cool things it has to offer. Skills take ages to unlock and you’re stuck with the vanilla weapons for a while. The increased drops mean you can customise your gun to a better degree much faster.

The cash card reduction is a bit of a pain. At the end of each game you have a chance of receiving bonus cash. What this change does is reduce the amount you win based on how high a level you are.

Changes to the mask drops will make a couple of the masks rarer and, therefore, more collectible.

Here are those full notes:


  • Fix for looping sounds getting stuck for host (while interacting with something giving a bag) when client finishes interacting with the same object

  • Fixed an issue where texture bleed would occur on uppercase “H”

  • Fixed some collision issues

  • Fixed an issue where the player would get stuck in a toilet on the Framing Frame job, Day 1

  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck behind doors

  • Made some minor GUI tweaks


  • The two heaviest armors now makes you move slower than before


  • CMP Submachinegun has a new animation and a vertical grip
  • Third person barrel extension (nozzle) named Stubby has an updated texture


  • There now is a higher chance to drop weapon mods for weapons you currently own

  • Some masks are now more rare than they were previously

  • Chance for cash drop cards in PAYDAY is now reduced depending on your reputation level


  • Ghost Tier 4 now reduces the movement speed penalty for armor

  • Ghost Tier 6 now gives your weapons a chance to pierce enemy armor plates

  • Skill – SMG Specialist – ACE – skill has been replaced: it now increases rate of fire for all SMG weapons

  • Skill – Silent killer – ACE – skill has been upgraded: all your silenced weapons now have a chance to pierce enemy armor plates

  • Skill – Lockpicking Expert – ACE – skill has been upgraded: you now also interact even faster while lockpicking