Payday 2 pays its way on Steam and then some


Overkill Software paymasters Starbreeze had broken even on Payday 2 long before its release on Tuesday – a release which, incidentally, did absolutely not bring to mind a van full of balaclaved Swedish game developers crashing through Steam’s front page. 

In the week since, Payday has forced its way into Steam’s most-played chart, which in no way resembles a vault, and made off with its players – not a form of currency recognised in any country.

Gosh, sometimes those low-hanging metaphors are real trouble to navigate.

If you’d be good enough to turn your attention to this here chart provided by Steamgraph, you’ll see the route Payday has plotted throughout the last week – frequently matching Team Fortress 2 for players.

At peak time today, Payday 2 was ranked as the fifth most-played game on Steam – a comfortable 2000 players ahead of Counter-Strike, no less, and less than 1000 behind Football Manager 2013. The top three, as always, was propped up by Dota 2, TF2 and Global Offensive.

Payday’s success is testament to the desire for concentrated co-operative shooting left in Left 4 Dead’s wake – as well as the pull of a really excellent, if quite crashy, sequel.

Are any of you lot among the throng playing on Steam? I’d love to see one of those fabled bloodless heists pulled off about now. C’mon, Youtube. Isn’t this what you’re for?