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Payday 2 video delves into player classes and skills


With Payday 2 just two short weeks away from release, Overkill Software have released a video that breaks down the four classes available to level up in their heist game. They cover all the bases from a leader who can heal his team to a technician who can’t help but lay explosives on every available surface.

I love that Goldfarb begins by describing the mastermind class in terms of Robert de Niro in Heat. He plays that role as a cool, calm, and collected anti-hero, perfectly in control of each situation.

What his skills amount to are a proficiency for crowd control and keeping his men in check, meaning he can heal them when everything goes wrong.

The technician is the bomb-happy lad who will be placing trip mines at all the major entrances, deploying sentry guns – hinting these are some pretty loaded up criminals – and drilling into the vault.

The enforcer is your standard heavy class. He can stay in a fight longer and likely do more damage. Plus, he’s beefy enough to carry about an ammo bag, one which will keep the team loaded up.

Finally, the ghost is your sneaky chap. He’ll be climbing in your windows, snatching all the money up and shutting off alarms with his ECM jammer.

Payday 2 is due out 16 August.