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Payday 2 web series’ plot thickens with drug deals and bar brawls


The live-action Payday 2 web series continues with the newly released third episode. This time, the city police think they’re onto a trail when it comes to a man called Hector, there’s a drug deal involving multiple quirkily dressed players, and a bar brawl initiated by a British geezer. Also: the best sideburns ever seen on a YouTube video.

These kind of live-action marketing videos generally range from ‘alright’ to ‘brain-burstingly bad’, but to be fair to 505 Games the Payday 2 series hasn’t been bad at all. Well, until now. The third episode, devoid of any of the clown masks, is an awfully acted 8 minutes of pain. Watch how the police boss attempts to say “FUCK!” with some kind of conviction. See how the insane Haitian looks like he would make love to that knife given half the chance and a CD full of smooth jazz. If you make it to the pantomime bar brawl, at least you have some sugar-glass bottle smashing action to grin at.

If you can’t take the episode with the level of cheese I expect it’s supposed to be taken with, do know that its best moment comes at the exact 2 minute mark. Just check out the beard and mutton chops on that guy. Now that’s facial hair to be proud of, even if it is stuck on with PVA glue.

Payday 2 is out next month. Read everything we know about it, and get ready for a game that will be infinitley more fun than this episode would like you to believe it is.