Payday 2 webseries trailer has been watching all the right movies


The influences may be on Payday 2’s webseries’ sleeves but that can be forgiven when they’re all the right things to emulate. Nothing quite oozes cool in the same way as Michael Mann’s bank robbers, nor has the same anti-charm of full face clown-masked robbers in suits, nor the sound of a slick plan delivered in the style of Spike Lee’s Inside Man dialogue.

The trailer also marks the beginning of pre-orders through Steam.

I was a big fan of the original Payday, it repurposed the Left 4 Dead model of 4-player co-op against AI hoards to excellent effect. Taking inspiration from cinema, each of its levels was a unique memorable heist, and it is damn good fun to play a merciless back robber.

There was some great mechanics, too. Like being able to trade hostages to revive a teammate.

It’s main hindrance was that it was a little rough. It showed that it had been developed by a small team working to a less than AAA budget. The gunfeel was unsatisfying and the visuals, while serviceable, liked any flair.

Hopefully that should all change with Payday 2, it’s since been brought under the umbrella of Starbreeze Studios – makers of Chronicles of Escape from Butcher Bay – while still being developed at its core by the original Overkill Software team.

Preorders have opened for the game on Steam. Buy before you try and you’ll get access to:

  • A unique red dot weapon sight modification available for use on all rifle weapons.

  • A unique Skull mask.

  • A unique mask pattern titled ”I LOVE OVERKILL”.

  • A unique color pattern consisting of the colors red and black.

  • A bundle of in-game cash.

Personally, based off that bundle, I’d wait till the game is out. There is nothing there that will enhance the game greatly.

The collector’s edition, or the Career Criminal edition, if you want to go by its themed moniker, gets you access to the beta for you and a friend – which is admittedly tempting – as well as a discount on all in-game purchases, which is nice.

Here’s the rest of its contents:

  • 2 Beta Keys – 1 to keep and 1 to give to a friend! Before the release of PAYDAY 2, fans with a Beta key will get the chance to play the PAYDAY 2 Beta during a limited time prior to release.

  • PAYDAY 2: The Original Soundtrack – Receive a digital copy of the PAYDAY 2 Original Soundtrack, available for download pre-release! The PAYDAY 2 Original Soundtrack will consist of tracks made by Simon Viklund.

  • The Deal – Bain is a businessman and you’ve managed to get yourself a good deal. You receive in-game discounts on all purchases in PAYDAY 2’s when the game is released.

  • BAIN’S GUIDE TO THE CRIMINAL UNDERWORLD – You receive a digital issue of the must-have guide on heisting, written by the mastermind himself – Bain. The hunt for Baldwin continues.

  • Blueprints for places to heist – Opportunities multiply as they are ceased, every career criminal knows that. With these printable blueprints that also are available in your safe house planning room, you’ll be set for the big heists.

Payday 2 is due out this August