Payday 2 is holding a Christmas Heist. Join in for free guns and snowy rescues

payday 2 overkills christmas update

Payday 2 developer Overkill has got itself all festive and produced a new update for the game that brings the true spirit of the holidays to the heist simulator. 

The White Xmas Heist asks you to help rescue Vlad’s brother from his plane wreckage, and secure a few bricks of not-snow white powder before anyone else gets their grubby mitts on them. Oh, there’s a novelty Christmas carol involved, too. 

The Payday 2 Christmas event will be spread over numerous days – 12 we’d assume – and each new day adds a little something extra to the game. You can see the new additions over at the White Xmas Heist website. So far we stand at Day 3, which means we’ve got the new campaign, some new Santa-themed masks and achievements, and the rather beautiful Tommy Gun as an addition to our armoury.

Overkill are offering a prize of DLC codes too. The challenge: beat the dev team at their own game. Record your White Xmas heist and if you can secure 53 bags or more on Overkill difficulty, you could win the DLC haul Just upload the video to YouTube and tweet Overkill with the link.