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You can now customise your PAYDAY 2 safehouse while John Cleese cleans up after you

Payday 2 safehouse

Three years since the release of bank-robbing shooter sequel PAYDAY 2 you can now upgrade your safehouse as you progress through the game and amass tons of ill-gotten cash.

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The update, part two of a ten-day spree of free content called Hoxton’s Housewarming Party, also adds a butler to the safehouse voiced by driest of British wits John Cleese.

Cleese’s character, Aldstone, will clean up after your session at the new unlockable shooting range once you’ve seen how much damage your new gun can do. He’ll also, presumably, be the one painting your escape van a new colour in the safehouse garage, swearing about the goons in clown masks who employ him.

You’ll have to be over level 25 to make use of all these new options for the safehouse, but at least it makes going into the thing worthwhile now.