Payday 2: The Diamond Heist trailer has Hitler and your new crew member

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Payday 2’s six-man crew’s soon to be joined by a another like-minded criminal. We don’t know much about Clover besides her Irish accent and that she bloody loves diamonds.

In the latest trailer for the upcoming The Diamond Heist update she tells us about one diamond in particular, one she calls the diamond.

It’s got quite the potted history.

Originally falling from the sky in as a meteor it was then carried into Europe by the Mongolian armies. There it passed between the hands of the rich, powerful, and soon to be violently deceased. It was even held by that Hitler bloke for a time.

For far too long, according to Clover, it’s sat in a vault just waiting for someone to rescue it.

The Diamond Heist’s release date is 16 December and Overkill say it will be the most difficult mission in the game, though the details of the heist are being kept quiet.

We first learned about The Diamond Heist during The Dentist Trailer, a video that teased upcoming DLC’s. The last heist to come that was revealed in the video is Vegas’ Golden Grin Casino.