Payday 2 is coming to VR, will support cross-play with normal PC players


Overkill are bringing the jewel-swiping, cop-shooting antics of Payday 2 to VR, letting players physically scoop up their ill-gotten gains. They can even do so alongside vanilla PC players. 

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The teaser trailer above shows VR players grabbing at riches, reviving teammates, and doing their best Neo impression as they dual-wield, unleashing a volley of hot lead towards waves of cops.

It looks like you’ll be at a slight advantage in VR too, since you can peek around corners for precision headshots. Presumably it will make stealth a little easier.

Saying that, it’s not clear how movement is going to work. After all, most VR games that handle first-person shooting allow players to teleport. With this being cross-play, I can’t see that working here. It’ll be interesting to see how it handles player movement closer to launch.

Hopefully it won’t be too long until we find out, as there’s a beta for Payday 2 in VR coming sometime this year. It’ll be a free upgrade for existing owners.