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Now you can overclock your pretend computer in PC Building Simulator

pc building simulator overclocking

PC Building Simulator now lets you overclock. While, yes, you could just download some free software and overclock your machine for real, you’re now able to get into the process without any permanent risk of damaging your hardware. If nothing else, this update shows the sim continuing to outpace all (admittedly reasonable) expectations of it being a dumb novelty with ever-increasing authenticity.

The latest update lets you adjust the clock settings of your digital PC – that includes clock speed and voltage for CPUs, RAM speed and voltage, GPU clock speed, VRAM clocks, and more. CPU and RAM tweaks happen in the BIOS, while your graphics card can be tuned via a new GPU Tuner app. You can run a stress test on all these tweaked settings via a new PC app based on OCCT.

Not all of the best PC simulation games are simulations of PCs.

How detailed is the simulation? Well, any component you purchase has a variance in top overclocking potential in an effort to simulate the silicon lottery. Components pushed too far might result in BSODs, or your performance might start to throttle when the heat gets too bad – or if you go way too far, the part might break altogether. (Though GPUs are safe as of the current update.)

If you’re not familiar with PC Building Simulator, here’s a trailer to get you up to speed – though the title alone might tell you everything you need to know.

PC Building Simulator sales have made clear that the game’s been a hit since its Early Access launch, and the continued addition of new features is only adding to the appeal. Maybe you should check out our overclocking guide before you hop in – surely those tips will apply just as well in-game.