We’re launching a hardware channel! What do you want to see?

PC gaming hardware

Hello! In a break from our usual totally serious and detached reporting, we’re making something of an announcement. Half-Li… no, wait, done that already today. Oh yeah: we’re launching a hardware channel!

See, we have already started: here’s our guide to the best gaming mouse you can buy.

We’ve dabbled in hardware coverage before, with a couple of group tests and regular news stories, but we’re about to step things up a notch. As such we’ve recruited the esteemed Dave James – formerly of PC Format, Tech Radar, T3 and elsewhere – to be our new hardware editor and lead the charge.

We’ll be continuing to report on news in the hardware space, but will be expanding to include product reviews, features, and a whole range of buying guides. It’s going to be amazing.

But what do you want to know about? In what ways is current coverage of PC gaming hardware lacking? We want to be the best place around for this kind of thing, so tell us how we can get there and we’ll try to make it so. We like you just that much.

Make your suggestions in the comments and Dave will respond. Unless you’re mean, which we’d prefer you not to be.