Watch the most ridiculous plot twists in PC gaming and feel ashamed of your words and deeds

PC gaming plot twists

It’s fallen to us to relay the monstrous news that all manufacturing of the PC has ceased. Once this final generation of personal computers crumbles into obscurity, there will be no more PC gaming.

While we’re looking back, why not play one of the all-time PC greats?

Oh no, wait: I’m lying. And that’s the sort of calibre of plot twist you can expect from the games contained in this video. Metal Gear Solid V, Fallout 3 and Far Cry – you all left us gasping for breath, if only because we were afraid we might drown in a big sea of bollocks.

Then there have been those times when a ridiculous twist actually left us better off. KOTOR, please stand up. No, Mr Kojima, you can remain seated.

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