Can you guess the ridiculous names of these PC gaming peripherals?

Peripherals quiz

The Razer Boomslang. The Logitech Hyperion Fury. The Cooler Master Blade Master 120. PC gaming has a storied history of hardware with absurd, overwrought names. And it continues to get worse. Razer just christened their tiny mouse/keyboard combo the ‘Turret’, while Tesoro’s new keyboard is named after King Arthur’s legendary sword Excalibur. A keyboard named after a sword. Where does this insanity end?

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Are you a fan of PC hardware’s obsession with crazy titles, though? Can you look at a Cyborg mouse and tell us exactly how many letters are in its fake acronym name? If so, it’s time to prove yourself in our PC gaming peripherals quiz. Simply look at the hardware, and choose which of the four equally-bobbins names is the correct one.