The PCGamesN Big Christmas Quiz of 2013 – the results

The PCGamesN 2013 Christmas Quiz

We rounded off 2013 with our very own Christmas quiz of everything pc gaming. Hundreds of your entered to prove your pc gaming prowess. The prize: a spiffing Oculus Rift! The results have been tallied and we have ourselves a winner.

Are you due a late Christmas gift?

Before we announce the winner, let us take a stroll through the answers and see how you fared:

Oculus Demo

Round 1: Ripped From The Headlines

1) What nerd-friendly operating system is Valve’s long-awaited SteamOS based on?

a) Linux

2) Which father of the FPS recently quit his job to focus on virtual reality?

a) John Carmack

3) Which director has been tapped by Blizzard to direct the World of Warcraft movie?

a) Duncan Jones

4) Which double-barrelled company bought itself back from its publisher, Vivendi for a whopping $8.2 billion?

a) Activision Blizzard

5) Which failed MMORPG got a second chance of life by jumping forward in time for a do-over?

a) Final Fantasy XIV

Round 2: Win, Lose Or MS Paint

Well, Flash, anyway. Can you guess these games from their lost concept art?

MS Paint Stanley Parable

1) The Stanley Parable

MS Paint Assassin's Creed

2) Assassin’s Creed 4

MS Paint Amnesia

3) Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs

MS Paint Gone Home

4) Gone Home

Day Z Corner

Round 3: True Or Not So True (Therefore False)

1) The American NSA has had spies watching for terrorists in World of Warcraft

a) True

2) Valve has invented a game controller for your bottom.

a) True

3) Prison Architect is being used in Texas to simulate an actual minimum security jail under construction.

a) False

4) Over 32 million people watched the League of Legends World Championships.

a) True

5) The makers of Project Zomboid, How To Survive, and four other zombie games have been sued for blasphemy over the graphic desecration of corpses.

a) False

Walking Dead Trapped

Round 4: A Dream Gonna Hurt

Or “The Anagram Round”. if you will. These classic games got Kickstarted so hard, their letters got scrambled. Can you put them back in order.

1) Knob Rewords

a) Broken Sword

2) Lewd Satan

a) Wasteland

3) Grandma Code

a) Carmageddon

4) Joy Lengthens Route

a) The Longest Journey

5) Thugs Seethe; Vent

a) The Seventh Guest

The Wolf Among Us Fight

Round 5: Geekily Knowledgable

1) Which beloved 90s adventure company finally bowed out in 2013?

a) Lucasarts

2) Complete the set: Fables, The Walking Dead, Tales From The Borderlands…

a) Game Of Thrones

3) What fancy technology gave life to Lara Croft’s hair in the new Tomb Raider?

a) TressFX

4) What did last year’s DayZ competitor The War Z rename itself in search of a new start?

a) Infestation: Survivor Stories

5) Which type of bucket-kicking noise masquerading as music did Saints Row IV weaponise?

a) Dubstep

Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth

Round 6: Intermediately Nerdy

1) Which city did Bioshock Infinite’s first DLC let us make a return to?

a) Columbia

2) Which voice actor connects that game with Saints Row IV, Batman: Arkham Origins and Injustice: Gods Amongst Us?

a) Troy Baker

3) Which anniversary did id Software’s classic Doom celebrate this December?

a) 20th

4) For winning what other game did the god-of-gods in god-game Godus earn his divinity?

a) Curiosity

5) Which PC game developer came second in Time’s reader poll for Most Influential Person In The World (after Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi)

a) Notch

Star Citizen Dogfight

Round 7: Advanced Obsessive

1) How many kills would you need in the original Elite to earn its upcoming sequel’s rank?

a) 512

2) Which of these is not an official MMO holiday event: Winter Veil (World of Warcraft), Q’s Winter Wonderland (Star Trek Online), Winter’s Roar (Everquest), Wintersday (Guild Wars 2)

a) Winter’s Roar

3) Which Starcraft mod paved the way for Defense Of The Ancients and the games that followed?

a) Aeon of Strife

4) What is the name of game composer Jeremy Soule’s first original symphony?

a) The Northener

5) Who is the current Warchief of the Horde in World of Warcraft?

a) Vol’jin

Oculus Rift Winner

And the winner is…

Andrew Perrott! Not only did Andrew score top marks on the quiz, but he won us over with his tie-breaker answer, in which we asked you: If you could pack your bags and move to a world from one of this year’s games, which would you head for… and why?

“Why would I want to move anywhere? If I stay here and get a rift one day, I could be in any of the lands of any of the games.”

We’ve sent you an email with all the details and that Oculus Rift should be winging its way to you any day now.

Thanks for everyone else that took part, you’re all wonderful. Keep your eyes right here at PCGamesN for future giveaways and the best pc gaming news around.