See us peel back our poker faces and show you some PCGamesN video bloopers from 2016

PCgamesN blooper

Here at PCGamesN we never make mistakes. It’s part of the hiring process, actually. When you get an interview here, Joel asks everyone the same question: “Can you give me one example of a time when you made a mistake?” If you say anything but “no”, he fires you immediately. You haven’t even been hired yet, but you’re out the door. It’s brutal.

Check out our list of the best games of 2016 to find out how right we are. 

With that in mind, why not have a watch of our blooper reel video, showing all the times people messed up while doing voiceover work on our YouTube channel this year. It’s embedded above, so just click play and laugh at our incompetence.

It’s really out of character, honestly. Everyone in the video is fully expecting a P45 in January, so laugh it up.

If you do want to see us at our best, subscribe to PCGamesN’s YouTube channeland we promise to edit out any times when we mess up in future. That’s the thing about mistakes: they’re always alright if nobody ever sees them. [Ed – fixed several typos, so you’re fired, too. Merry Christmas.]