Fancy a spot of upside-down Breakout? Peggle is free for a while on Origin

Peggle: the anti-Breakout.

Do you know what Peggle is? Peggle is a game about firing ball bearings into a 2D space studded with objects designed to knock them off course. It’s about hoping – praying – that the ball will eventually drop into a high-scoring hole, and enjoying the fireworks when it does.

It’s free for an unspecified length of time on Origin.

Find Peggle on EA’s On The House page.

Peggle has always felt, to me, like trying to row straight in the ocean – with too many outside forces influencing my course for my will to have any impact.

That can’t be entirely true, though – the student engineers I used to live with used to be much better at it, thanks to their innate understanding of angles and ricochets and whatnot.

Maybe the engineers at Origin have the same kind of understanding. Their On The House deals have bounced between games seemingly at random, but perhaps eventually they’ll drop that goal they’ve been wanting – an install-base to rival Steam.

Do you have an innate understanding of ricochets, do you think?