Peggle level editor lacking because of penises


Peggle’s both raised PopCap’s profile and swollen its coffers. Though one department it’s been lacking in since its release is a level editor that really lets us get to grips with peg-blasting game. What most of us wouldn’t give to get our hands on an editor so we could play all through the night, creating levels – nay art – that intrigued, shocked, and broke laws for it’s provocative splendour.

PopCap have finally pulled back the covers on why the game’s been deficient in that creative region and it’s all to do with willies, penises, and gentleman’s umbrella stands.

Yup, speaking to, PopCap’s Jeff Green answered the question about the missing editor, saying“This idea has been tossed around internally for years. There have been equal camps both pro and con around this idea. The biggest pro, obviously, is more content for everyone, and less work for PopCap.

“The biggest con is what is known in the industry as TTP: Time To Penis. That is, how long would it take for penis level to show up, and then how many would we have to delete every day?”

So PopCap won’t put it in your hands till you all become a little bit cleaner. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.