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Penarium is a game about surviving a sadistic 2D circus of death


Play as a man called Willy and try to survive a deadly circus in Penarium, a new 2D arena platformer published by Team 17. Yep, Willy.

I suppose it makes a nice change from your average action hero triple-A naming conventions. He could have been called Logan Wolf or Max Carnage, or something equally awful. It’s not often you play as a Willy.

According to the announcement, Willy will have to run, jump and avoid an array of death traps, all while being cheered on by a bloodthirsty crowd who want him to die. Imagine being called Willy, though.

The game is split between 30 single-player Challenge missions and there’s also a three-level Arcade mode, couch co-op and versus modes – imagine two Willys on your display at the same time.

Penarium comes from a studio in the Netherlands called Self Made Miracle, is out on September 22 and will cost £6.99.