Win a Steam key for new, mysterious, story-driven puzzle game Peregrin!


Do you prefer story or puzzle games? Silly question, really: why not have both? That’s what you get with Peregrin, which is described as a “story puzzle game” that that combines myth, sci-fi, and fantasy.

It might sound like the developers of Peregrin are trying to combine too many things at once. But rest assured that the reason for that is because their ideas for the game don’t fit neatly into a single genre label. This applies to its theming and art style (borrowing from sci-fi artists including John Harris and Moebius) as much as it does to its game design.

A description of how the Peregrin plays and what it’s about will serve you much better than trying to squeeze it into a term. It follows Abi as she leaves her scavenger tribe to visit the monoliths and other strange artefacts in the wastelands. She does this in order to discover the secrets of these fallen lands and fulfill an ancient prophecy.

In order to reach these landmarks, Abi needs to use her arcane powers, taking temporary control of the creatures she encounters. They range from simple animals to hostile guardians, each with their own attributes and abilities, which act as combat and puzzle mechanics that unlock new paths in the environments and help Abi survive battles.

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