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PES 2016 demo to be available at launch


Good news for fans of footing the ball: if you’re undecided about this year’s Pro Evolution Soccer, you’ll be able to download the demo and try it the day it launches.  

According to most of the reviews, it’s one of the best there’s been. You can find out how true that is before putting money on it. PES European product manager Adam Bhatti revealed the good news in a tweet.

Are you looking to give PES a go this year, or are you more into FIFA? I’m personally more into staring deep into the abyss, in the hope that something grabs me and pulls me through to a darker, better place… No, not Reddit.

New PES runs on the same engine that powers Metal Gear Solid V, so it should at least look the part. No doubt someone will immediately mod all the official kits and everything else you want in a football game, so I suppose that’s FIFA’s advantages evapourated.

Now I’m going to steal a joke from someone on Twitter: Why doesn’t Richard Dawkins like FIFA? Because he’s Pro Evolution. Hahaha, I’ll let myself out.

PES 2016 launches on September 18.