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Petition Ubisoft to bring The Division to PC


That man Tom Clancy makes more Ubisoft schutemansgaemen than anyone, he must be very busy. Slightly disappointing though, that new Ubisoft post-apocalyptic shiny-lookin’ ‘online, open-world RPG experience’ The Division has only been announced for PS4 and Xbone. DSO Gaming reports that Ubisoft devs are encouraging people to sign a petition to ask themselves to make a PC version that would directly benefit… Themselves.

Here is a video of some people on a team building exercise:

Like Rufus Hound said at EToo London last week, ‘The Division’ is the sort of title that implies the game is about some pissed off middle-aged paunchy beat cops who drink grey coffee out of polystyrene cups and grimace about hemorrhoids and how ‘my wife Dorothy’s been a right nark recently ey up et cetera’. And I can’t help thinking as I watch that video how much more interesting Ubisoft games would be if they ditched the shiny good looking people and replaced all the characters with the cast of River Cityand everyone had a weegie accent and a slight chip on their shoulder about having their arse looked at all the time.

I also have a slight weird about the fact that everyone in this video is so chatty. “End of the world, Barbara!” “Wonderful chuck! Stunning. Pass me that sandwich and one of those remote rolly grenades will you? I’m starved and that bloke over there is being a right pain in the neck.” EXPLOSION “So, what are you guys up to later? Want to go bowling? I’ve got an excess of White Lightning after that shackwarming and absolutely NO prick in my house will drink it.”

Anyway, the gun is ‘sick’ in it so I suppose I’ll buy it if it comes to PC.

There is a petition hereso that you can beg Ubisoft to let you give them money, or something. Thanks to buds at RPS for pointing it out.