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Make your PSO2 character look like Nier’s 2B for only $35

You're thinking about how much you want to [dress like] 2B, aren't you?

Phantasy Star Online 2 players know that the true endgame is fashion, and the vibrant (and horny) world of Nier: Automata cosplay seems like the next logical step. The Nier: Automata collaboration is coming to the English-language version of the game, and it’s coming with a different pricing model than the original Japanese promotion.

The Nier: Automata collaboration begins on October 14, with a set of three packs featuring the three principal characters. The 2B pack includes her outfit, the Virtuous Contract and Beastlord weapon camo, and an evolution device to turn your mag into Pod 042. The A2 and 9S packs offer similar contents, though A2 weirdly includes a female 9S outfit, and 9S includes an Emil head. (Because why else would you buy the 9S pack?) You can see the full contents on the official site.

These three packs are $35 USD. Each. You’re looking at a total layout of $105 USD if you want the full Nier collection in PSO2, and while that’s not fully ridiculous in the world of free-to-play MMORPGs, it’s still quite an expenditure.

It’s also unusual because the Nier items were originally offered as part of PSO2’s gacha-style AC scratch tickets in Japan. Here, though, they’re a premium set. Whether that marks a broader change in business model for PSO2 or simply a one-off experiment remains to be seen.

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The Nier: Automata collaboration packs will be available from October 14 until November 11.