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Ghostrunner meets Indiana Jones as 9/10 roguelike gets 1.0 Steam date

After over two years of early access, Phantom Abyss developer Team WIBY is graduating the roguelite into 1.0, bringing overhauled features.

Ghostrunner meets India Jones as 9/10 roguelike gets 1.0 Steam date: Image of player preparing to run through a mass of swinging spikes with other players nearby inside a temple.

Phantom Abyss, a Ghostrunner-like indie where players channel their inner Indiana Jones and sprint through procedurally-generated temples with booby traps, is finally launching out of early access. It’s been over two years since the game went live in early access, seeing various deep shakeups to its gameplay loop by developer Team WIBY, and it looks like Phantom Abyss is almost ready to pass the finish line.

Team WIBY notified fans that Phantom Abyss would transition out of early access and into 1.0 on Thursday, January 25, through a Steam post. With the launch, the roguelite game will receive an overhauled Adventure Mode that allows players to choose which temples to explore with specific whips, relics, and challenges however they want.

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“We will also be introducing the new and improved core experience with Abyss Mode, previously called Classic Mode,” wrote Team WIBY, adding, “which challenges players to enter a temple and progress through all four areas within and collect the relic at the end… Only one person will ever complete each temple, so time (and skill) are of the essence.”

Beyond these additions, Phantom Abyss 1.0 will bring whip changes, making it so whips no longer carry curses and will unlock by playing Adventure Mode. Also, whip skins will be rewarded through player op-in challenges.

As of this writing, it’s unclear whether Phantom Abyss will continue to receive major updates following its 1.0 release. Once the full version launches, we might get more details from Team WIBY on what’s next for the runner roguelite.

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