Squads in Phoenix Point will contain as many as 16 soldiers, says creator Julian Gollop

Phoenix Point Squad Sizes As Big As 16

Upcoming turn-based horror strategy Phoenix Point just got a bit more intriguing, thanks to a few tidbits of information dropped in an interview by designer and studio head Julian Gollop. The veteran crafter of strategy classics, like ‘XCOM’ and ‘Chaos: The Battle of Wizards’, recently spoke to RPG Codex about, amongst other things, his new title.

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There was quite a lot of information divulged during the interview. Terrain, story, mechanics and AI were all discussed. Here are the highlights:

  • The terrain will be fully destructible, apart from the ground.
  • There will be significant amounts of procedural generation in both the battle maps and the strategic map.
  • Willpower, a key stat, will determine how many special actions and abilities a character can perform. Dropping below zero could cause insanity.
  • Unlike the XCOM games, squad sizes can be up to 16 soldiers strong in Phoenix Point.
  • The game will contain three possible endings.
  • Phoenix Point will contain branching narratives, meaning that the story may change between playthroughs.

Phoenix Point is currently being crowdfunded on fig.co. For more info, you can sign up for the newsletter at the official website.