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Introducing Maneha, your next Pillars of Eternity companion, a good-humoured barbarian

Maneha Pillars of Eternity

Obsidian have sent over footage introducing Pillars of Eternity’s new companion, Maneha. She’s going to be arriving in The White March Part 2, the upcoming expansion releasing on February 16th. In this video exclusive to PCGamesN, writer and narrative designer Carrie Patel introduces the blue-skinned Aumaua Barbarian and explains the quest she’s embarking on to find an ancient temple dedicated to her god.

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Take a look at it here, straight from our YouTube channel:

You’ll be able to buddy up with Maneha if you grab the expansion pass on Steamor from publishers Paradox directly. Part 2 follows directly on from the first expansion, The White March, which launched in August last year. It, and the base game, were so good we named them one of the best games of 2015 in our year-end awards. For a bit more of Part 2, Obsidian have announced that they’ll be streaming it tonight on their Twitch channel.

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