Preposterous platformer Pizza Tower already getting cheaper on Steam

Pizza Tower just released on Steam and the platform game boasts an amazing soundtrack, '90s cartoon-like visuals, and inspirations making up great toppings.

Preposterous platformer Pizza Tower already getting cheaper on Steam

I’m struggling to find the words for an intro that do Steam’s newest platformer, the erratic and energetic Pizza Tower, justice. It’s a platform game that immediately a-salts the senses with a bopping soundtrack, bright visuals, an average Italian man fighting an assortment of enemies, and mushrooms – but it’s about as far from the overall-wearing plumber as you can get, and it’s already shot up to the top of my must-play list.

So, what exactly is Pizza Tower? It’s a 2D platform game that channels the gameplay of the Wario Land series and the chaotic visuals of ‘90s era cartoons like Ren and Stimpy or Ed, Edd n Eddy into a fast-paced game about climbing the titular Pizza Tower. You play as Peppino Spaghetti, a “fat, balding Italian” on a revenge mission to destroy Pizza Tower and save his own restaurant by climbing the floors of the tower and beating its levels.

I could attempt to write some (more) truly awful pizza-based puns to describe Pizza Tower, but one Steam review has beaten me to the best description; Instead of calling it a Wario, Sonic, or Metroidvania game, Pizza Tower will now be known as a “Sonicoidario” game.

Releasing just this month, Pizza Tower already has an “overwhelmingly positive” reception on Steam with over 1,000 reviews and climbing, and the Tour De Pizza-developed game definitely boasts a unique visual style and incredible soundtrack, which you can see in the below trailer.

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Before you hop on over to Steam and order in a Domino’s, though, you should know that Pizza Tower is actually getting a price reduction, so you may want to hold off buying the game. Tour De Pizza says it made a mistake with the regional pricing, and that it is “going to lower the price as soon as we can for most regions outside of the US, so we would say hold off from buying the game until this is settled.”

If you’re in the US you may as well head over to the Pizza Tower Steam page now, if not I’d suggest popping the game on your wishlist and holding off just for the moment.

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