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Planet Coaster now has a scenario editor and picnic tables thanks to the anniversary update

planet coaster anniversary update

A year on since its launch, Planet Coaster is getting an anniversary update that adds new rides, features, and a scenario editor. On top of that are the all important benches. Seating may seem like a small addition, and mechanically it is, but there’s just something about them that changes the feel of a theme park, turning it into a more social, family-focused place.

Along with the update is a new trailer showing off all the features:

The big addition of the anniversary patch is the scenario editor. This tool lets you create missions you can challenge other players with. Build a run down park and then challenge someone to turn it into a booming business, or give someone oodles of cash but a tight time frame to build a bustling park from the ground up.

planet coaster scenario editor

The update brings three new rollercoasters and two new rides: Hop The Gaps, Cascade, Zenith and Weisshorn and Monte Leone.

planet coaster hop the gaps

The update also pushes players to expand the behind the scenes aspects of their parks, adding staff management buildings, a place where you staff can rest up and receive training.

You can read more details about this over on the Planet Coaster updates page.