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Planet Coaster’s guests have “almost real brains”, say the developers in new video

Planet Coaster guest brains

Frontier Developments just released a new Planet Coaster video, this time detailing the ‘guest brain’, which is how they refer to the AI of your theme park visitors. The developers say these guests’ AI is “really, really advanced”, with visitors walking around your park and taking everything in, reacting to everything that’s in their path. 

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According to Frontier, your guests have their own wants and needs – they don’t just wander aimlessly, they have things that drive them. The guests’ hunger, tiredness and need to use the restroom are all factored into this decision making process.

The make-up of these visitor groups will also change their behaviour, so a family of visitors might be drawn to a carousel, while a group of teens will be looking for the most hardcore rollercoaster you have.

As these guests navigate your park, they’ll be factoring in all sorts of information: where the best rides are, how to get to them as quickly as possible, whether they can use a transport ride to reach them even faster – that sort of thing.

It should all add up to make Planet Coaster’s visitors capable of more interesting behaviour.

At least you’ll hopefully be able to tell straight away where you’re going wrong once people start urinating in your queues. I once saw a poop in a queue at Alton Towers. There were no dogs around…

Planet Coaster releases on November 17, but you can play it from November 9 if you pre-order the special edition.