Planet Coaster patch 1.0.2 focuses on stability and crash fixes

Planet Coaster patch 1.0.2

Winner of the great rollercoaster war of 2016, Planet Coaster left early access and screamed its way to a full release. It’s rather good by all accounts (including our review) but that hasn’t stopped Frontier starting the upgrade process. Patch 1.0.2 was released yesterday, and focused on hunting down a few crash bugs as well as minor tweaks to text.

We’ve already begun tracking the best Planet Coaster creations.

There’s no details on the stability improvements other than that they happened, but here’s the rest of the notes:

  • Functionality fixes
    • “Don’t block station” option doesn’t always work for Monorail
    • Chinese / Japanese / Korean fonts look unclear when using Community Translations
    • Selecting Hard Challenge actually loads Hard Challenge Rather than Medium
  • Text fixes
    • “Kerb” is now “Curb” in American English
    • “Total Research Spend” is now “Total Research Expenditure”

There’s a few more details over in the Steam announcement, including Frontier advising that their next content update will come as a free Winter-themed patch on December 15. It will include “festive treats” for all types of players along with the community-voted Collider ride.

A little after that, Frontier will be running two 24 hour livestreams on December 19. Details on that also over on Steam.

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